Rental Terms and Conditions

All items with "RENTAL" rate shown on website are previously used and may have non-standard sizing. We recommend you inspect condition, and try-on the costumes, before renting. For this reason, we recommend that out-of-state customers do not choose our rental costumes.

Used rental costumes have a "no refunds" policy. Whether you rent or buy the used rental costumes, you may not have a refund.

Pick-up and return dates are set at the time of reservation. Generally, the costume may be out of our shop no longer than 6 days for the posted rental rate. Longer rental periods can be negotiated. The charge for late returns is 1/2 of the rental cost for each day late.

Pre-payment in full is required for reservations. The cancellation fee is 50% of the rental rate. No grace period for cancellations.

A Damage Deposit, in the amount of the full replacement value of the costume, is also required at pick-up. Lost or damaged items will be charged accordingly before the Damage Deposit is returned.

Shipping of Rental Costumes

In general, we do not recommend renting a used (and often non-standard) costume you cannot first try-on and inspect. There are no refunds on shipped rentals. You pay for the time it is out of the shop, plus 2-day Express shipping each way, whether the costume works for you or not.

We will ship rental costumes early, and suspend shipping them altogether Oct 1 - Nov 15. This means customers requiring shipping are subject to the extended rental rate of DOUBLE the posted rental rate, plus pay USPS Express shipping both ways. USPS Express shipping rates vary by weight, and will not be calculated until a signed rental contract is received by A Masquerade, and the costume is boxed, weighed and on its way. Estimated rates are offered on the rental contract when it is submitted to the customer for signature.

If you want a rental costume to be shipped, please call the warehouse 425-455-7621 during normal business hours and provide your credit card number for the reservation. We will email the rental contract to you for signature, and will not ship until we have the signed contract returned to us.

No rental costumes will be shipped after October 1, until normal shipping resumes November 15.

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